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Frequently Asked Questions

The following sections contain some useful information about our services.

Q: Do I need a website?
A: As part of your initial free consultation we can advise as to how a website could help your business. Some of the potential benefits are; promoting your business, customer access to information 24/7 and cost-effective advertising.

Q: How long will my website take?
A: This very much depends on your exact requirements. For example, a 6 page brochure site will take about 4 days to produce the initial draft. If you have a deadline please let us know and will endeavour to accommodate this.

Q: How much will my website cost?
A: Again this depends on requirements. For example, a 6 page brochure site costs £50 + VAT. If you are working to a particular budget we are happy to discuss this with you. Click here for details of our packages.

Q: What do you expect from me?
A: Ideally we would like you to supply us with all necessary content before we start work. We recognise, however, that this is not always possible and we can assist you in deciding what you need in terms of written words, images and links. To help you visualise your site, we can produce a simple mock-up of a website free of charge.

Q: What payment options do you accept?
A: We currently accept only cheques made payable to MLD Computing Limited or BACS bank transfers.

Q: Will my website be compatible with all browsers?
A: We will check your site for compatibility with the most popular browsers: Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox and Safari to name but a few.

Q: Will my website be standards compliant?
A: The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) publishes many standards applicable to web sites. We will ensure that your site adheres to the latest W3C XHTML 1.1 standard. This is increasingly important for compatibility with mobile devices. If you have a specific requirement in this respect please let us know.

Q: Will my website be DDA compliant?
A: DDA stands for Disability Discrimination Act . We ensure that our web sites adhere to the latest W3C guidelines on accessibility. While the text of the DDA does not directly address web accessibility, there are strong indications that the DDA could successfully be applied to web sites and that the WCAG would be used in determining web accessibility. If you have a specific requirement in this respect please let us know.

Q: How will my web site be made available (hosted)?
A: We can advise how to register with a hosting provider as we do not provide hosting ourselves. Once you have arranged a hosting provider we can upload your website and ensure it is working correctly.

Q: How can I maintain my website?
A: Our standard contract does not cover ongoing website maintenance. We can arrange this for a separate fee subject to establishing your requirements. However, our standard contract does include minor modification requested within a two-week period up to an average of one hour per page.

Q: What are web forms?
A: Web forms allow you to collect information from your customers and email it to yourself or store it in a database. We can advise how this feature would benefit your business. This site has a web form at the following link.

Q: What is search engine optimisation (SEO)?
A: This is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines. There are various techniques to do this and although a specific ranking cannot be guaranteed, improvements can be made.

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Frequently asked questions

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